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The Quiz Olympiad is fast approaching and there are upcoming training opportunities for those who represent the United States in not-so-trivial competition. The iQa sanctioned committee responsible for selecting members of the USA Quiz Team national squad will be using a variety of criteria evaluate competitors. Among these considerations will be past performances in WQC competitions and notable knowledge-related activities (game shows, trivia competitions, etc.). To help gather relevant information and build America's best team, USA Quiz Team will be hosting a series of proctored quizzes for all interested participants, all of whom may take place in individual, pairs, specialty, and aspirational events.

If you are interested in participating in the upcoming Quiz Olympiad in Warsaw, Poland, we encourage you to register to take these tests. In addition to the official national squad, we also plan on forming U30 and other specialized squads.  Even if you don't plan on taking the trip to Europe, you are welcome to register for these testing opportunities.