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Online Quiz April 10

On Saturday April 10, 2021 during the concluding weekend of Quiz Nations - North America (, an individual quiz will be offered to anyone interested to take part worldwide. The material is a reprise of an American Mensa CultureQuest® -- an event that has taken place annually since 1990 (background at -- and is used with permission. This quiz is similar to World Quizzing Championship content in that it is for individual participants, with differences that the categories are all blended together (thus you can't just drop one part), that it is one seating for 90-minutes, and that it skews a bit towards North America.

The quiz will be presented in an online interface that will be available within a 12 hour window using an autoproctoring system. To take part, you need to register at and provide your name, your nationality, an email address where you will confirm additional instructions for participation, and that you will commit to marking at least one other quiz submission determined at random (you can mark more which will be helpful if you are available to do so). You will also be asked additional optional questions that will help us measure our event reach. This marking will take place beginning after the 12 hour quiz window at some point within the following 24 hours, after which participating players will see their marks and have an additional 12 hours to dispute any marking. The quiz is presented in English, but similar to international event rules if there are at least two participants taking part that are fluent in some other language, then an answer may be provided in that language to be marked by another fluent quiz participant along the other randomly determined marker. Helpers may also register only to mark quizzes if they don't also wish to write the quiz.

This quiz is offered without any required fee, however you are encouraged to make a donation to the Toutant Intellectual Competition Fund at at the green button "DONATE NOW" and your donation will be matched through 30 April. One project of the TICF is to support the Liberian Quiz Team to attend the 2nd Quiz Olympiad which is described within the article

Feel free to circulate this announcement to anyone you think may be interested.

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