Our first application grant period closed Jan 31, 2020 - however there will be future grant timeframes.   Please provide contact information to be informed about the next opportunity.

SELECTION CRITERIA used for first grant period


Applicants for grants to attend the 2020 Quiz Olympiad November 5-8 in Krakow, Poland sent request letters to the TICF Olympiad Selection Committee by January 31, 2020

Items for consideration include

  • Matching funds from local resources

  • Captain, deputy, and other players experience with WQC (

  • Captain, deputy, and other experience with television, radio, local, or web competitions

  • Gender diversity of team

  • English language capability of captain, deputy, and other players

  • Resumes of captain, deputy, and other players ( profiles preferred)

  • Existence of a national or community quizzing/trivia organization

  • National criteria for team qualification and selection

  • Government support of intellectual competition

  • Specialist topic knowledge of team members

Request letters were received by TICF on or before January 31, 2020.

One or more finalists for consideration will be informed pending various factors related to the current global virus pandemic.  Additional interviews will be conducted with finalists at a date yet-to-be-determined