The Toutant Intellectual Competition Fund will support grant proposals beginning in 2020 from an endowment forming in 2019. Our decision making process is informed by volunteers with experience with content creation and competition. We strive to increase the diversity of participants and events, and to make a positive impact at the local, regional, national, and international level.


G. Paul Bailey

Paul has a lifetime of experience in promoting trivia across the globe. He is the founder of the Game Show Congress and Trivia Championships of North America, and has provided support to the CU Trivia Bowl and International Quizzing Association.

Sam Medley

  Owner, Melting Blue Research

Roy, a brother of Ed, represents the Toutant Family. He is a retired GE executive.

Jane Allen

Jane currently serves as the Managing Director of the International Quizzing Association.

Paul Paquet

  Principal of Trivia Hall of Fame

Lee-Ann Whitlock

  Organizer of Trivia Nationals 

Shayne A. Bushfield

Shayne is best known as the Commissioner Thorsten A. Integrity of Learned League, an online trivia community he founded in 2003.

Justice Policy Researcher at RAND Corporation and Jeopardy! champion.

  Author & current holder of longest Jeopardy! winning streak

Steve Perry

Physician and Attorney with experience in national and international competition.